Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Working With Trees

I love fall or autumn but one thing I'm not a big fan of is all the falling leaves. Constant raking of our yard is expected during this time of the year. The task can be difficult too when it is always raining, and it is difficult to rake leaves on a wet ground. Although we can probably leave it as it is, we have regulations in our homeowners association to always have clean yard.

One of our friends here who has big trees in their backyard thought of taking down some of the big branches before winter. They don't want any branches falling off again when winter snow storm comes, and this cuts down on the raking you have to do also. You can find equipment for this kind of work at SherrillTree, like chainsaws, pole saws, and tree climbing gear. And make sure you get personal protective equipment (PPE) depending on the kind of work you're doing. PPE can include helmets, chainsaw resistant pants, tree climbing equipment, and more. 

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