Sunday, December 1, 2013

Disney On Ice | Family Bonding Time

Finally, we were able to bring the kids to watch Disney on Ice. I have been meaning to let them watch it before but thought our youngest is still too young to remember it. But now that she is already 3 and loves Disney characters a lot, it is a good timing. So when there was an event last month at ShoWare center in Kent, Disney on Ice, Rockin' Ever After, we brought them there. They can't contain their excitement that even driving going there was taking forever for them They kept asking if we are almost to the place.

Once inside the venue, the more they got so excited. When it finally started, they both were enthusiastic naming the characters that they saw. It is indeed a show for the kids. But honestly I was also anticipating it. I haven't experienced it in my childhood. I only had the opportunity to read them in books.

The show features The Little Mermaid, Brave, Beauty and the Beast, and Rapunzel. These Disney heroes really made an impact on kids lives and our girls can't get enough of them. The show is really spectacular and all the performers did a really good job on the ice rink. Now we are looking forward to watch the live show featuring Disney Jr characters on tour. The girls can't wait for this January event. 

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