Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gift Idea for Music Lover

If you have a love one who loves playing the guitar and is on the go often for some music gig, a fender deluxe gig bag is another gift idea to give to them. I saw this gig bag online and thought it is nice to give as gift. It surely will keep the guitar protected when travelling and on going places for any music gigs. The price is very reasonable as well as it less than $50. My husband do not have a guitar cover or bag for his guitar that was shipped overseas last month. I might get one for him so his guitar will be protected.

Speaking of gifts, have you all finished doing your Christmas shopping? I still am lacking in this department. I have been trying my best to do good and finish shopping before December but seems like it is hard to accomplish. Part of it is the budget. Maybe planning and saving early to buy presents for the family members next time is what I will do so I can begin and be done with my shopping early. Isn't it a good idea? 

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