Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Season of Giving

Gift-giving is a great way to express appreciation, show love, and even buy affection. Giving someone a gift is supposed to be a selfless act; a way to please someone without expecting anything in return. A good gift is something that the recipient will enjoy using. Fragrant candles, cozy sweaters, electronic gadgets, and toys all make wonderful gifts, but at the end of the day they are all just things. They are items that will fill a drawer or perch on a shelf. 

Isn't there something more meaningful that one can give? Of course there is nothing wrong with giving a simple gift, but there is so much more that one can do. There is a vast need for many types of social and economic help on a local, national, and global level. 

Sometimes knowing there is such an enormous need can be too overwhelming, and one doesn't know where to begin. Thousands upon thousands of well-deserving and reputable charities exist which can make it hard to decide which one to support. Some people choose to support causes that have had a direct impact on their life such as cancer research or education enrichment. Others like to support causes that have a wide-spread impact such as supplying fresh water to third world communities. 

Giving financial support is just one way to support a worthy cause. Others who are not fortunate enough to have the means to donate large sums of money find much satisfaction in donating their time. There are dozens of way to spend time giving, especially on a local level. Volunteering at the hospital, in a homeless shelter, or in a nursing home are all worthy ways to spread kindness to the less fortunate. 

Other ways to give time is to work on a campaign, raise awareness for a charity, or organize a fundraiser. Spending time on an important project that benefits the greater good is quite fulfilling and can bring a person much satisfaction. Knowing that time was well spent on a selfless act does something special for the soul. 

Another way one can be charitable is to buy products or support businesses that give a portion of their proceeds to community projects or charities. More and more companies are realizing that they have a social and economic obligation to support worthy causes. By becoming a patron of these companies, one can be confident that their purchase will not only be meeting their personal needs, but that it will be paid forward in a kindness that goes beyond just buying something.

An example of a charitable company that gives back to the community is Rosicki Rosicki and Associates NY. Their website http://rosicki-rosicki.blogspot.com/ outlines the various worthy causes they support financially as well as through other means such as spreading awareness. Many companies like this have made great contributions and do wonderful things to give back to the communities that support them. 

Being charitable goes beyond sending a check in the mail. It means putting heart, soul, and emotion into a good cause. It means spreading kindness, showing compassion, and taking responsibility to be a good citizen of the world. Anyone can be charitable, and those who are find a great satisfaction in knowing they what they could to be a good person.

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