Thursday, February 20, 2014

February Fun in the Snow

Our first grader said that it is not supposed to snow in February, and I told her it could since it is still winter. As we know that the east coast and midwest were snowed in this past few weeks. We also had our share but not as much and melted right away after a day. So when we had that snowy Sunday, our little girls were having a blast playing outside. Took some pictures of them in between shoveling our driveway. 

They both enjoyed making snowman and the big sister was pulling her little sissy on the sled that we got when we were in Leavenworth. I thought we won't be able to use it this winter here. I like the snow and how the white just glistens, but the freezing cold is too much for me to handle, and also driving on an icy road is really stressing me out :-)

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