Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to Prepare for a Pageant

Whether this is your first pageant or you have been competing for years, there are a few things you must do to prepare for the big day. How well you are prepared is directly linked to your chances of coming away with a title. In addition, if you are sloppy about the process and wait until the last minute to prepare, you will continue to be on the losing end of the stage. 

Touch Up Those Pearly Whites 
Your smile -- and the teeth you show -- may be just as important as the dress you choose to wear for the pageant. Unfortunately, many contestants overlook their teeth, which may be dulled or stained from years of soft drink consumption. That is you should begin a teeth whitening regiment about one month to a week before the pageant takes place. Do-it-yourself teeth whitening strips and toothpaste are readily available and generally inexpensive. Another option is to visit a dentist to have your teeth professionally whitened. 

Practice Walking 
By practicing walking in the pageant shoes you will be wearing, you are helping to reduce your chance of trips and falls. If you are not use to the shoes, you may give off the impression to the judges that you lack confidence and poise. Furthermore, you should walk while keeping your hips straight and shoulders slightly back. When walking, put one foot in front of the other, and don’t look down at your feet. Instead, look straight ahead. 

Do Several Mock Interviews 
Pageant interviews will often ask you questions off your application. And answering with stutters or long pauses are frowned upon by the interviewers. To help prepare for the interview, ask your friends or family to ask you a few questions while you answer them. While answering the questions, keep your posture and answer ladylike -- don’t slouch -- and avoid any negative answers.

Make Your Choices Ahead of Time 
Your hair, makeup and outfit are vital to any pageant competition. That is why you should have all these planned out well in advance of the pageant. Once you have your ensemble, periodically try it on to make sure they still fit. Your entire outfit should fit well and not be overly reveling. For your makeup and hair, make sure to practice them regularly, that way when it comes time for the pageant, you will know how to do it perfectly and quickly.
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