Saturday, December 27, 2014

What A Year!

What a great year 2014 is for us. Too many going ons and I can't believe I was able and is still making it despite having to juggle everything by myself while the husband is not at home. My job is treating me good though at times I like to just stay home and rest and take care of the kiddies. But I don't have any complaints coz everything I believe is planned by the most powerful Being above.

The holiday season had passed and we are soon to ring in the new year. It is about that time where we renew some life's goals, plans, resolutions, or whatchamacallits. I got lots of things in my mind to do and hopefully will be able to push through. Among other things is the financial aspect to which I literally fail or have maybe a C grade if I have to put it that way. I always slack in this department and to think this is very important for building our future.

Although I have some financial resolutions put up in the past, the will and determination to do it hinders its success. The good thing though is it is already in placed and started, making it more successful is the next big thing to do. I know we can make it this time!

Another thing that I wanted to do is to at least my blogs once a week. The daily grind makes me lazy to sit in the computer and update this on a regular basis. My mind is just a mess after a days work and daily chores at home. But if there's a will, there's surely a way, isnt't it?

Have a happy holidays to all and hoping for a wonderful and bountiful new year ahead!
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