Monday, January 26, 2015

Finding the Best Deals on Clothes as a Broke College Student

As you settle into college life on a shoestring budget, it may occur to you that your high school wardrobe of jeans and oversized hoodies isn't going to cut it anymore. Whether you want to find some cute outfits for parties or need something to wear at that casual job you snagged, having the right clothing is essential. Here are some tips for getting them at deep discounts.

Don't Be Afraid of the Thrift Shop

Macklemore encouraged us all the pop some tags, so you should heed his advice. Thrift shops sometimes contain outrageous clothing for pennies on the dollar. Everything from leather coats to sweet t-shirts can be found among the racks, so make thrifting your new hobby and save big.

Watch for Sales and Coupons

If you're absolutely in love with a particular store's wares, sign up for their online newsletter and keep an eye out for the big sales. Also glance at each email they send, as it could be a great coupon. In smaller shops that may not have an online presence, ask about punch-card programs and other discounts for frequent shoppers.

Check Out Online Retailers

Online retailers often don't have storefronts and other overhead like physical stores do, and they pass the savings on to you. You can find out more about your favorite designers and brands by running a search, then checking into retailers that cater to your style.

For broke college students, financing new clothes can be a concern. These tips will help you find the fashion you need without selling plasma or sharing textbooks to do it!

Superbowl XLIX on February 1st

I am a 12 and so excited for the match on Sunday, February 1, for the Superbowl XLIX between Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots. Both teams are remarkable in their own right. The best offense and the best defense in the league will surely be a great game to watch. 

The NFC Championship match up between Seahawks and Green Bay Packers was a nail-biting game and a great comeback of Seahawks thus beating the Packers at 28 - 22 scores. The Seahawks pulled it through in the end. We were watching it in a friends house and were all losing our voices from cheering when the Hawks got the lead in just a little over 2 minutes time left in the 4th quarter. 

This coming Sunday we will be in the same friend's house to watch the Superbowl and we are rooting for Seahawks. Hoping and praying for them to bring home the Lombardi trophy for the second time here in the Pacific Northwest. #GoHawks!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Top Geeky Books for 2015

There were some brilliant books released in 2014 and it already seems as though 2015 is going to be as good if not better.

If you are looking forward to settling down with a few cracking good reads in the coming years then here are a few titles to bear in mind.

Pocket Apocalypse – Seanan McGuire

This 2015 paperback release follows the adventures of cryptozoologist Alexander Price. Leaving behind his tangled family and personal life he heads to Australia. The adventures and the danger really pick up once he gets Down Under. You can expect a cracking pace, some interesting twists and lots of werewolves in this book. It definitely sounds like it could brighten up a few of our days this year.

I am Princess X – Cherie Priest

The intriguing premise for this book is that a couple of friends create a comic strip style heroine called Princess X together. One of them dies and the Princess comic idea ends with her death. However, years later the surviving friend sees Princess X images everywhere. Is her supposedly dead friend still alive? The book promises to be illustrated with comic book images and sounds like it could be a fascinating read for fans of the comic strip genre.

Cold Iron – Stina Leicht

It´s a June 2015 release date for this new book. Cold Iron follows a couple of royal twins who get swept up in an epic fantasy adventure. It promises to be filled with battles, magic and even some pirates. This book sounds as though it could be a really good new read and a fine way to get caught up in a fantasy world for a few days of reading.

Binary Star – Sarah Gerard

One of the most eagerly awaited books of 2015, this is the tale of a mixed-up couple who go on a road trip and discover vegananarchism along the way. The critics who have had a sneak preview of the book have pretty much all been impressed and there is a feeling that it could be one of the most exciting and successful books of the coming year.

Find Me – Laura Van Den Berg

The author of this book is better known for her short stories but Find Me could be a big hit in 2015. The basic idea is that a young woman with some problems in her life appears to be the only person who is immune to a terrible epidemic sweeping the land.  Expect a lot of dark humour and some exciting action as our heroine travels across the turmoil of the epidemic ridden US to try and find her mother.

The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

This new thriller has a January release date and already has a film option attached to it, so a lot of people are really looking forward to reading it. The Girl on the Train is about a girl who gets unwittingly drawn into a murder mystery on the usual daily commute to work. It has been described as a gripping thriller that will have you turning the pages all night long.

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