Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Create Stunning DIY Apparel Using Large Men's Shirts

Many thrift-store enthusiasts end up with an abundance of items that they're not entirely sure what to do with. This can include a number of large men's button up shirts thanks to the appeal of this truly classic style. While these shirts can look great all on their own, larger varieties may prove a bit too unwieldy for everyday wear. 

In this event, crafting your very own high-fashion items from large men's shirts is the perfect option. This involves keeping attractive features intact while adding a few feminine touches sure to turn heads. Of course, there are a number of great design ideas available for ambitious crafters seeking to look their absolute best all year long. 

Design a Fun and Flirty Dress 

Summer is the perfect time for fun and flirty dresses, which can help keep you cool while also contributing to a chic aesthetic. To this end, making a few key alterations to the oversized men's shirt of your choosing can afford a one-of-a-kind style straight from the pages of world-class fashion houses. This entails removing the sleeves and modifying the waist to afford a figure-flattering silhouette. You can even add sultry accents like a cutaway back panel for increased appeal. 

Create an Eye-Catching Crop Top for Warmer Weather 

Cute crop tops are another great item for warm weather, and starting with a funky-patterned oversized shirt will help expand your fashion options. Unlike other DIY projects, creating a crop top requires very little work. In most cases, cutting and hemming the sleeves is about all that is required. In order to ensure your crop top is the perfect length, unbutton shirt to your waist and tie accordingly.  

Turn Larger Shirts Into a Form-Fitting Dress 

You can even take bulky oversized shirts and turn them into form-fitting dresses. Unlike the summer
 dress design, it's best to take an ultra-large shirt (think XXL) to achieve the desired length. Once you've made any minor alterations to sleeves and other areas, pin the shirt front and back so it fits snugly to your body. After this is complete, it's a good idea to try on the shirt before doing any sewing, which will help ensure it's the proper size. 

Add Stunning Accents to Increase Appeal 

Adding a few key accents to oversized shirts can also make a real impact. One advanced design involves adding ruffles and zippers for a far more feminine look. Halter tops are also popular, and these modifications can include altering the back of shirts to feature fun accents. Some crafters take excess material left over after removing sleeves to fashion things like braids and bows, and these can be attached via sewing machine. Adding embellishments to collars and other areas is a great option for novice designers, as these alterations are relatively easy to undertake.

Re-Fashioning Is All the Rage 

Securing unique apparel is the goal of most fashion enthusiasts, and this can be difficult when buying things right off the rack. Fortunately, re-fashioning ideas like the above can go a long way towards creating an individual look perfect for all types of situations. While it may take a bit of work, making something brand new out of existing items can afford a real sense of accomplishment, while also helping preserve the environment.

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