Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Three Ways To Make Your Good Hotel Great

When it comes to running a hotel, there's nothing that great about just being "good." To truly impress your customers and optimize your conversion rates, your hotel needs to be absolutely phenomenal. To take your hotel from good to great, consider implementing the following strategies now:

1. Optimize Your Staff's Uniforms. 

Appearance is important in the hotel industry. In fact, your prospective clients will oftentimes judge the quality of your hotel based on how "sharp" your staff looks. Since this is the case, be sure that you're investing in high quality hotel front desk uniforms. You can purchase aesthetically appealing uniforms from companies like Averill's Sharper Uniforms. 

2. Invest In Internet Marketing. 

These days, people go online to book their hotels all the time. Thus if you're not already advertising online, this should be at the top of your priority list. And if you are advertising online, you should make a point to optimize your current internet marketing strategies. The best way to accomplish this objective is to hire a team of well-versed, versatile, super savvy digital marketers. These individuals will be able to devise and implement a customized campaign that will effectively connect you with members of your target market.

3. Focus On Self-Optimization.

In addition to investing in internet marketing, it's important for you to focus on self-optimization to ensure that your hotel functions phenomenally. Although many people know that being healthy and happy increases productivity in one's work life, many individuals do not implement the strategies necessary to optimize wellness and facilitate personal growth. Don't fall into this trap. Instead, focus on becoming the best you possible so that you can be productive and positive while you are at work. If you're overwhelmed at the thought of making big lifestyle changes in order to be a better you, remember that taking baby steps is perfectly fine. Something as simple as hiring a personal trainer and completing one workout session per week can result in significant, positive changes in your physical appearance and cognitive capacities.


Hotel owners that want to really "wow" prospective clients need to consistently bring something different and dynamic to the table. To put this business-building process in motion, consider the value of optimizing your staff's uniforms, investing in internet marketing, and focusing on self-optimization. These strategies will help take your hotel from good to great so that you can obtain the phenomenal conversion rates you desire.

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