Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Five Helpful Suggestions for Choosing a Walk-in Freezer for Your Restaurant

Many commercial freezer merchants sell walk-in freezers that are designed to meet the needs of restaurants. Here are five helpful suggestions for choosing a walk-in freezer that are easy to use while you shop:

Choose a Storage Capacity
Walk-in freezers have storage capacities that vary considerably. Choosing one of these storage capacities is necessary because it can help you determine how much space you will need to freeze food properly.

One way to choose the proper storage capacity for restaurant-quality walk-in freezers is to remember to use the following tips while comparing storage capacities:

Consider how much food your restaurant uses each day. Choose a storage capacity that can help you freeze food properly without wasting energy. Choose a storage capacity that fits naturally with your restaurant's kitchen design.

Choose a Locking Mechanism Most walk-in freezers use locking mechanisms that offer an easy way to secure its contents. Some of these locking mechanisms include:

Deadbolt locking mechanisms. Handle locks. Lock-and-key systems.

Look for Polyurethane Insulated Panels Polyurethane insulated panels are insulators that are designed to keep food cold by absorbing cold air through the panels’ surfaces. Choosing walk-in freezers that have these insulators is worthwhile because they offer the best way to keep food cold without wasting energy.

Look for Galvanized Aluminum Floors Many walk-in freezers that are used in restaurants have galvanized aluminum floors that are designed to be easy to clean. Choosing walk-in freezers that have these floors is recommended because they offer an economical way to keep your freezers clean that is easy to incorporate into your restaurant's kitchen design.

Add a Drip Guard Drip guards are small pieces of rubber or plastic that are attached to the bottom of a freezer's doors. Most walk-in freezers use these devices to keep condensation from dripping on your floor. As a result, adding a drip guard is an easy way to prevent safety problems that can make using a walk-in freezer difficult.

As you may have noticed, choosing a walk-in freezer for your restaurant requires choosing a freezer that offers the best design and storage capacity. Be sure to use the suggestions mentioned above to choose a walk-in freezer for your restaurant that features these useful design elements.

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