Saturday, October 4, 2008


Since I started blogging in 2005 I met, online, a lot of friends already. I haven't met them in person yet but seemed like I know them forever. I am very glad that until now I still met more and more people; those that pass by my blogs, those that dropped their ECs and also those that passed me assignment, tag or meme to do.

Recently I met Mom811 of the Lighter Side and she is very nice. She told me I can call her Mom just like what her daughters call her and I am very honored for that. It is a nice feeling that you can have somebody you can look up to even if it's only here virtually. I thank her for this meme and most especially the friendship that she offered to me.

As I reciprocate the EC drops I also came across blogs that is hard to forget. I cannot name them all because there are aplenty. I wanted to share this award to them but I have to visit them first one by one so I decided to pass this on next time around.

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